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September 12, 2014
Category: Dental Treatment
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Are you someone that can’t get enough of the spa? Do you love a good massage? Perhaps, you ask for a massage whenever your birthday comes around. Why shouldn’t more things in life feel like a day at the spa? That’s the same way we feel! Why shouldn’t our patients feel like they are coming to a spa when they come in for their dental cleaning? Sure, the idea might sound a bit weird, but patients love their relaxing dental visit. If you want to combine the spa treatment with your next dental cleaning, then consider getting spa touch dentistry in Apopka.

Going to the Dentist Should be Relaxful!

We want our patients to feel comfortable coming to the dentist. It’s not surprising that a lot of people feel anxious and nervous when they come in for their appointment. Dr. Mark Halek, our Apopka, FL dentist, wants to remove all those negative feelings and transport you to a soothing world outside the dentist’s chair. We want you to feel like you just had a day at the spa. We value compassionate care here at our office, and we practice spa touch dentistry in Apopka with a gentle touch.
Before your cleaning begins, your Apopka spa touch dentist will place a warm, comforting eye wrap on you to cover and soothe your tired eyes. While the calming warmth of the wrap takes over, enjoy a relaxing massage from one of our dental chairs. Your back deserves some TLC!
Dr. Mark Halek also offers relaxing music and essential oils, which only help to enhance your spa touch dentistry experience. We want you to feel like royalty when you sit back in our dental chairs! Just because you are at your dentist’s office doesn’t mean it needs to feel like it. We believe your dental experience should be comforting every step of the way.
Additionally, Dr. Halek also offers a complimentary extra oral exam, offered with the use of gentle touch therapy. This exam is similar to a mini facial massage, and it’s the ideal way to end your dental appointment. You’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle that laundry list of daily tasks when you leave our office. Not only that, but you’ll also be leaving with a sparkling, clean smile. We want all our patients to maintain healthy smiles that last a lifetime, and through spa touch dentistry in Apopka, we now have a comforting way to do just that.

Call Spa Touch Dentistry for Any Questions!

If you’re interested in having a dental cleaning that feels like a trip to the spa, call us today at (407) 774-4433 to setup an appointment.
Have you experienced our spa touch dentistry in Apopka? Were you amazed at how relaxing and calming the whole process was? We would love to hear your feedback! We’re here to make all our patients as comfortable as possible.