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This is absolutely the best dental practice i have ever encountered! The dentist is experienced, thorough and patient. The staff members are courteous and compassionate. The patient's well being is their first priority (dental health and comfort). They are honest and you dont leave feeling like you've been fleeced. The treatment plan is what is needed (without extra add-ons to increase your bill) and they work with you to prioritize and schedule your visits.
-Cynthia B.
Dr. Mark, Maria & Ariana were absolutely wonderful! I am a 1st time patient and felt so welcomed! They made me so comfortable from beginning to end. The consultation, the explanations and billing were so detailed and caring. They truly care for the patient. I have never experienced that at a dentist before. They offer a soft blanket, pillow, neck warmer and a vibrating chair. Even have fish playing on the monitor to keep the patient calm. I actually didn’t hate being at the dentist for a change! What an experience, highly recommended! The best dentist by far and it’s the beginning. I look forward to placing upcoming posts! Thank you Spa Touch Dentistry for being so caring!
-Joanne K